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Special Educational Needs @ St. Colman's

In St. Colman’s College the student is at the centre of Teaching and Learning both inside and outside the classroom. With this in mind, we have a team on the staff who are highly qualified and very dedicated to students who may have additional educational needs. Our whole-staff approach is both inclusive and caring and maximising each student’s potential is our primary objective. Please see below a sample of questions and answers that parents/guardians have asked in the past. However, should you wish to contact us about any SEN-related issue whatsoever, please email or phone us on 094 93 71442 and we will be delighted to help you.



My son has a Report following a Psychological Assessment. Can I send a copy to the school and meet with SEN Co-ordinator/teacher to discuss?

Please send a copy of the Report to the school once your son is enrolled. The SEN Co-ordinators, Ms. Tierney and Ms. Flaherty, can meet with you to discuss the Report and its findings. Please phone the Office to arrange an appointment.


My son has an exemption from Irish. Should I send a copy of this exemption to the school?

Yes, please forward a copy of the Certificate of Exemption to the school (or arrange for your son's primary school to send it on at end of year).


How will my son be timetabled while Irish is being taught to his class?
Your son will be timetabled for an 'Extra English' class during Irish. He will receive additional support in Literacy (and Numeracy if required) from an SEN teacher. 


Will my son (who has Special Educational needs) receive learning support in St. Colman's College?
Your son will receive learning support in the 'Extra English' classes as mentioned in 3 above. We also offer a smaller Maths class where students go through the Junior Cycle Maths course at a slower pace. The number of students in such a class does not normally exceed 10.


Can my son avail of SNA support in St Colman's College?

If your son had access to an SNA in primary school please bring this to our attention. We have a fulltime SNA in St. Colman's College. We may arrange for your son to receive a certain amount of SNA support following a meeting between parent(s), SEN Co-ordinators and SNA. 


My son is very anxious. Would it be possible for him to receive extra support/meet with a designated person to help him to settle in? 

Please arrange a meeting with SEN Co-ordinators and SNA to discuss. We will ensure that your son receives the necessary support to allow him to settle into secondary school.


Who should I contact if my son is having problems in school? 

Please phone the office and they will refer you to the Year Head Ms. Hynes to discuss any issues. The Year Head will communicate with the relevant parties to ensure any issues/problems are addressed promptly.

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