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Sports @ St. Colman's

The range of Sports on offer in St. Colman's varies from year to year depending on the range of competitions running by various schools organisations or national bodies. We at St. Colman's make every effort to accommodate the students in the school and provide for their chosen interest and talents. Some sports are more easily accommodated than others due to the number of coaches and students required to support the sport as we remember that classes do have to be taught so teachers must be available.

We offer a range of sports for the students in normal conditions which we hope will resume next year. These include Basketball, Swimming, Badminton, Squash, Horse-riding, Handball, Tennis (when it’s on) and we are all set to partake in the IRFU first Year Blitz tournaments when normality returns. We compete in many of these activities with great success and we encourage students to try new sports in a safe fun environment with their new friends. We run a special First Year Badminton Club from October on to help them get to know new students outside their class as well as those within their class.

We take all first years for a bonding day during the year and that may be foot golf or Bay Sports again to encourage new friendships. 

First Years normally compete in their Year group competitions in these Sports and we have Connaught Titles in many of these over the past number of years


Each year at the College we enter two basketball teams in the North West C league, one in the under 15/19 age groups. 

This is done to ensure that students of all age groups have an opportunity to play competitive basketball, as younger players can play up in age group. 

Team has consistently secured top 3 finishes in this competition since 2011, qualifying for the Regional finals in January 2018. The under 15 team starts in January and finishes before Easter. All interested students are encouraged to join, regardless of experience .Basketball is also played in a non-competitive manner in PE class where the foundations of the game are taught. 

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