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Student's Council

A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

The Council provides a forum for students to express their views on matters of concern to them. It enables them to acquire valuable organisational and communication skills which will benefit them in later life.

The St Colman's College Student Council was set up in 2002, to provide a way for the student body to voice any opinions, requests or concerns to the staff.

The council consists of twelve members, two from each year from 1st year to 6th year. Each October there is an election in the first year classes to select the two new members that will represent the first years on the council. Sometimes there is an election for another year group in the case where a member who has served wishes to resign from the council.


The council meets at least once per term. A member of the teaching staff acts as a facilitator and liaison person with management. At the moment this person is Ms. Sandra Hynes.


There is a suggestion box located in the front hall of the school, where students can place suggestions on any aspect of the school. These are often read and discussed at council meetings.

Any student who wishes to highlight an issue with the council can place an anonymous suggestion in the suggestion box or approach any member of the council at any time.



Student TY Survey


The appointment to the position of prefect is an honour bestowed on a student by the School Community. The term 'Prefect' comes from the Latin Praefectus meaning 'the one who stands in front'. In St Colman’s College, a prefect therefore is a pupil who has been given a trustee-type responsibility within the school and in this role have a number of duties they must perform. These are in three main areas.

• The Prefect as a Student Leader
• The Prefect as an example to other students.
• The Prefect as an ambassador for the school.

As a Student Leader

Prefects are expected to become involved in, and take a lead in, school activities, to the extent that their talents, interests and school needs direct them. Sporting, cultural and academic activities present opportunities for Prefects to become involved.

Prefects are expected to assist members of staff in the organisation of student activities .Prefects take a particular role in leading the induction of first year students.

As an example to other students

By their observance of School Policy, in areas such as general behaviour, application to your studies, school dress, service to the school, sporting etiquette, they are required to set a positive example to other students.

They are also expected to make every effort to see that other students maintain the school’s good name.

Part of their role is to be a source of helpful advice and information for younger students.


As an ambassador for the school

As a Prefect, they have given a commitment to embody the culture and ethos of our school. This is best summed up as “Mol an oíge agus tiocfaidh siad.”

They have a responsibility to uphold and contribute to the tradition of the school.

Their aim should be to bring credit to yourself which, in turn, will bring honour to your school.

Specific Privileges:

  • being leaders in the school and wearing the prefect badge

  • having the chance to make a difference to school life and to influence how the school is run

  • being held in high esteem by the school community


Specific Duties

· Managing the ‘buddy system’- mentoring of 1st....... year students

· Assistance in the lunchroom & corridors

· Contact with junior classes

· Setting the standard of the school uniform

· The tidiness of the school grounds

· Attendance at School Open Days

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