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Special Needs Equality Access

Special Educational Needs

The school welcomes students with disabilities and Special Educational Needs and fosters an inclusive approach to education. At the earliest possible opportunity the Special Needs Department, in consultation with parents, teachers and other interested parties will take all the necessary steps to identify students with Special Educational Needs and become familiar with their needs.

We will request, inter alia, the following: A copy of the students Medical/Psychological Report  A copy of the students Individual Educational Plan, if available.  A Professional Assessment.  A report from the students Primary School

Where further resources are required the Department of Education and Science will be requested to provide the necessary assistance e.g. Special Needs Assistant, Specialised Equipment, Transport, etc. Where such resources are not forthcoming from the Department of Education and Science, we may have to postpone admission until the Department of Education and Science put such resources in place.

We will do all we possibly can to provide for the needs of a special needs or disabled student seeking admission to the school.

Equality of Access and Participation

In line with recent Equality Legislation St. Colmans College aims to be an inclusive school which prevents and combats discrimination. We are a school community that respects, values and accommodates diversity across all nine grounds in the equality legislation  gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race and membership of the Travelling community. We encourage positive experiences, a sense of belonging and outcomes for all students across the nine grounds. Outcomes include: access, participation, personal development and the achievement of education credentials.

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